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Photo 31 Aug 7 notes At least we rank higher than the other plebs.

At least we rank higher than the other plebs.

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For a while now I’ve been kind of meaning to write a long, in-depth post about 4chan. With the recent controversy between them and some significant feminist figures in the gaming industry, I think it’s important that I finally go ahead and do this. Since, let’s be honest: any time there’s a big…

A must read.  Just like Prequel.

" Between the social equality, lack of fear, and ability to drive action, 4chan sometimes feels like everything Tumblr wants to be. “

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Anonymous said: the ride really never ends. you hoped that the drama would end when you were a grownup but no. the bullies are now coming into your home to harass you and brake your favorite toys.

Well put.

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The second post is the important one.

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so yeah i stumbled on some cool screenshots from imgur last night and i figured it’d be good to post some info? assholes from 4chan are taking people’s information and making fake blogs and using them to harass feminists blogs (like misandry-mermaid) and then the person’s addresses and other info is being exposed online. 

please be more aware and use your judgement on blogs that may be using fake information to hurt people who are 0% involved. 

/pol/ does it’s part to make the internet a better place.

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Photo 24 Aug 3 notes /lgbt/ reveals their not-so-secret plan for /pol/

/lgbt/ reveals their not-so-secret plan for /pol/

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Copped a 3 day ban on 4chan for posting on /co/.    Seems that saying that the US were not as bad as the Nazis during WWII is offensive to the liberal mods.

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